welcome to lovespell! we're a 200 word count vampire diaries rpg. we accept both canons and originals, and we ask that you register in uppercase! guests, please use the cbox in the sidebar (underneath this message) and the icc/tag box are located underneath the boards at the bottom of the site. feel free to ask any questions you may have and a staffer will get them asap!
a vampire diaries rpg

JANUARY ##, 2014 -- the new skin is up, and we hope you enjoy the change of scenery around the site! feel free to leave your thoughts in the feedback board or in a comment in the cbox.

DECEMBER 24, 2013 -- the skin for winter is now up! thank you to everyone who helped make the skin as beautiful as it is now. questions? issues with the skin? message any staff member for help.

NOVEMBER 23, 2013 -- november skin is up! in other news, the aphotic movement has been put on hold temporarily as the site prepares to go through its first official revamp. previous members, please check back constantly to see when you should begin re-registering your accounts!

AUGUST 13, 2013 -- the activity check has ended, and we've removed all inactive accounts! lots of spots on the canon list have opened up and we encourage anyone interested to take a look and apply. <3
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It's been a wonderful two years but it's time to say goodbye <3
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guests, please use the cbox in the sidebar! the in-character chat is for accepted characters only, as is the tag box. please do not post in either of the cboxes below if you are a guest!